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On October 1, 2014, the powers, duties, functions, and responsibilities previously vested in the Metropolitan Extensiontower-820001_1920-514x343 Telecommunications Rights‐of‐Way Oversight (METRO) Authority under the Metropolitan Extension Telecommunications Rights‐of‐Way Oversight Act, 2002 PA 48, as amended, MCL 484.3101 to 484.3120 (the “METRO Act”) were transferred to and vested in the Local Community Stabilization Authority (the “Authority”).

Under the METRO Act, the Authority has the exclusive power to assess fees on telecommunication providers owning telecommunication facilities in public rights‐of‐way located within one or more cities, villages, or townships located, in whole or in part, within a county having a population of 10,000 or more or a city, village or township that enacts an ordinance or resolution electing to be classified as part of a metropolitan area under the METRO Act (each a “Metropolitan Area”).

Telecommunications providers are required to pay an annual maintenance fee under section 8 of the METRO Act by April 29 each year. The Authority is required to disburse the annual maintenance fee to each eligible municipality on or before May 31 each year.