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The Local Community Stabilization Authority (the “Authority”) was established on October 1, 2014, as a metropolitan government for the metropolitan areas of the State of Michigan under section 27 of Article VII of the Michigan Constitution of 1963 by the Local Community Stabilization Authority Act, 2014 PA 86, as amended, MCL 123.1341 et seq (the “LCSA Act”). The Authority levies the local community stabilization share tax under the Use Tax Act, 1937 PA 94, MCL 205.91 et seq, and distributes the revenue generated to local and intergovernmental units of government throughout Michigan under the LCSA Act for local purposes, including police safety, fire safety, and ambulance emergency services. The Authority also collects annual maintenance fees for use of public rights-of-ways from telecommunications providers and distributes the fees to cities, villages, and townships throughout Michigan under the Metropolitan Extension Telecommunications Rights-of-Way Oversight (METRO) Act, 2002 PA 48, MCL 484.3101 et seq.

LCSA Council Members

Susan Dabaja, Chairperson
Scott Erbisch, Vice-Chairperson
David Keenan, Secretary
Donald Rogers, Treasurer
Steven Ezikian